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General Purpose Sensemaking Systems and Information Colocation | Smart Data Collective

When reference data, transactional data, and even user queries are colocated in the same data structures and is the same indexes as the extracted features from text, video, biometrics, and so on … something very exciting happens: data naturally finds data and context can accumulate.

Jeff Jonas: Accumulating Context: Now or Never

Sensing importance across a sea of dynamic systems with constantly changing data requires the accumulation and persistence of context.  (I am using the term persistence here to mean storing/saving what one has observed and learned – in a database for example.)

...a system will be more intelligent when it can persist context on data streams… achieved by taking every new data point (observation) received and first querying historical observations to determine how this new data point relates...with Sequence Neutral processing – whereby the final context is the same despite the order in which observations are processed...


...the brain may be made up of two types of basic functions: short-term, and long term memory, but the structure underneath is the same (synapses, dendrites, neurons, etc..) And the functions break down into immediate, versus nightly processing.