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via Got Kit? by Chris Saad on 8/6/09


We are proud to announce that Echo is now available to the general public as a Public Beta.

After launching our private beta sites TechcrunchIT, Building43, Guy Kawasaki, Inquistr, BrianSolis, LearnToDuck and LaLaWag we feel ready to make Echo available to the rest of the world.

We are also happy to announce that Techcrunch is also going to begin rolling out Echo across their full network.

Echo is..

Echo is the way to share your content, and watch the live reaction. Embed it on your site – replacing your old commenting system – and you get:

  • Real-time – Watch people react to your content live – without refreshing the page!
  • Social Gestures – Echo captures the Social Gestures relating to your content including comments, likes, star ratings and more!
  • Stream – Echo simplifies the presentation of conversation to just two levels. This simpler, cleaner style helps people keep track of contributions and engage in parallel conversations.
  • Hyper-Distributed – Visitors share your content with their friends across all their favorite social networks at once – broadening the conversation and driving new traffic.
  • Aggregated – Echo captures conversations related to your content from across the web and places them on your page.
  • People – Echo allows people to connect to your site using their profile from the worlds most popular social networks. Users can even bind multiple social media accounts together.
  • Multimedia – Echo items can include safe HTML, photos, and video for a richer conversation.
  • Multiplied Engagement – Echo increases engagement by providing more ways for users to get involved and express their opinion.


Today we are also announcing our new pricing.

Echo Core:

Hyper-distribution (Share across Twitter, Facebook etc), Simple HTML, Pictures & Video, Nested Replies, Robust moderation tools, Intelligent Spam and Obscenity Filtering, Fully customizable look+feel, Scalable to any size site – FREE

Echo Live:

Includes Echo Core Features, Real-Time, Aggregation (Twitter, Friendfeed etc) – $98/Year

Echo Pro:

Includes Live Pack Features, White Label, Hierarchical Moderation, Priority Support – Contact us

OEM and Enterprise:

Login Integration, Integration Support, Revenue Share – Contact us

Existing Customers

If you are an existing user of JS-Kit comments, you are being auto-upgraded today. If you are an existing Haloscan user, you will be upgraded to Echo shortly. A full rundown of information for existing customers can be found on the wiki.

Get Started

To get Echo, click 'Install Now' on the right sidebar on our home page.


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