Evidentially snapShots' onHover service was generating too much traffic or taking up too much bandWidth.

I logged in this morning to find the service and the linkButton back to them gone from my syndicNation weBlog.

At first I assumed it was blogSpot or it's parent, Google, because I assumed snapShots wouldn't have editAccess. Thinking it thru further though, I realize snapShots could simply block access from my account and stop their services from working on my site, as well as keep their scriptButton from showing.

Reviewing the html in my blogTemplate should tell the tale. Too bad whomEver didn't bother to contact me with any concerns. I'm sure not hard to find...

Update: I went to the snapShots webSite and checked my status there.  Both my blogs that I have registered with them are still listed.  I saw where they had upGraded the popUp window some, so I reNewed the connection and jScript coding between my site and theirs.  Still no life in my links...  I had other things I needed to attend to so it was just a short while ago that I followed a link I'd posted on faceBook back to here.

Presto!  As I was scrolling my mouse down the page to watch some of my favoriteFlicks from youTube snapShots popUps jumpped out at me.  It's working again autoMagically!