War. Who, what is it good for?

The Wars for Opium The end of "free trade"?  Fair and balanced historical Chinese movie, "The Opium War".

Historical Opium Timeline up to 1996 from PBS.  My personal observations disputes 1965 - 1972.  There's no mention of the 6th CC or exit screening for addicts

Also from PBS, The Buyers - A Social History of America's Most Popular Drugs includes;  "In April 1971, Congressman Robert Steele (R-CT) investigated reports of rampant heroin abuse among U.S. servicemen in Vietnam. His fact-finding mission estimated an addiction rate of 10 to 15%. This alarming statistic, combined with emerging evidence linking heroin addiction to crime, pushed the heroin problem to the front of Nixon's drug policy agenda.

Improvements in purity of street heroin in the 1980s and 1990s led to the potential of the drug being effectively smoked and snorted. Usage of heroin increased significantly in the 1990s. Historically the majority of the drug entered the U.S. through the French Connection or the Golden Triangle of Southeast Asia (Burma, Thailand, Laos), however since 1993 South American drug organizations have been expanding from the cocaine market into the heroin market."

 By 1971 the heroin available in Vietnam was 97-99% pure and uncut, compared to the 12-17% junk on the streets in the USA.

 Golden Triangle, Golden Crescent, and Central America  Allegations of CIA drug trafficking involvement. 
Lies about the Taliban Heroin.

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